work table : button up

I'm working on a new Idiom series piece this week called Button up. Making this series has taught me a tremendous amount about fabric's possibilities.

A month ago I would have had no idea how to make what I'm making today.

I love how something that looks so simple is actually quite intricate and involved behind the scenes.

One of the constant underlying themes in my work is exposing just a hint of the process. As my side stitch studies come to a close this month, I might do studies next month about process.


Kitty Kilian said...

Well, show us more! I am dying to know now! What do the buttons have to do with the orange thingies?

Susan Johnson said...

I've got a hunch...does it have to do with navel?
By the way, I really like the sidestitch collaboration .
Sorry it's coming to the end


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