The Sketchbook Project

As if I don't have enough on my plate, I couldn't resist signing up for the latest Sketchbook Project. I have this crazy idea to do 'weave sketches'. My mother was a weaver and I remember sitting near her giant loom and listening to the soft and quiet sounds above me as she pushed and pulled the shuttle through.

My little loom!
I just built a teeny, tiny loom and have started practicing on it. I've had a few little woven pieces that I've integrated into my work lately so this is a way of honing in on my weaving skills without breaking down and lugging my mom's loom all the way out to California from Florida. I feel as if I'm continuing a tradition. It's also been a wonderfully positive way to remember my mom since she passed away twenty-two years ago. Now, how to put these into the provided sketchbook!?


arounna said...

hi Kathryn,
what if you removed the pages and leave 3/4 of an inch and sew them right in and the book wood have the woven pieces inside rather than the pages.

is that a silly suggestion to deconstruct the sketchbook? I guess that's what I would do.

look forward to seeing how you incorporate this.

kathrynclark said...

Arounna, you're right. I took the sketchbook apart already as the pages are too thin to support the weaves. I am toying around with ways of reassembling it. There are so many ways to reassemble it.

Victoria said...

Great little loom, and what a wonderful way to honor your mother's memory.

I use to weave before I started quilting, and lately I've been thinking about weaving and having an urge to start up again, so that I can also incorporate some hand woven patches into my work. The floor loom is currently folded up and in the basement, as I don't have sufficient room to set it up... Maybe the dining room table should trade places with it... that's a thought!

Anonymous said...

This is a nice idea you have here. Great thing is that you used weaving for this one.
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