Recent work : Cutting edge

I finished another piece today I'm excited to share with you. I call it Cutting edge. It's another piece from my Idiom series. I did a side stitch study recently and loved the idea of having fabric protrusions. I was inspired from the book The Art of Manipulating Fabric.

Cutting edge, 2010. 12" x 16" Rope cord on linen.
I hoping it comes across as a bit light-hearted even with the blood red 'blades'.

That book has given me a lot of ideas so expect some more along a similar vein.


Chantal said...

I find lots of your recent work very interesting Kathryn but I particularly love this one. The fabric, the colours and the texture. Its all great.

Kitty Kilian said...

Me too, I love triangles anyhow!

anastasia said...

i'm really enjoying this series your working on; they're deceptively simple, but stronger because of that, you can admire the process and materials all the better.

Susan Johnson said...

Sawtooth! it's great

kathrynclark said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm having fun with this series and I have lots more ideas.


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