Studio : west wall

I'm doing a little fall cleanup before my open studios in October. There, it's out there! I'm having open studios this year in my actual studio. I'm a little nervous about this for some reason. It's almost like baring your soul to the world. I'm tackling one area a week since there's so much I've accumulated over the years. This week, it's my west wall.

I'm trying to concentrate all my tools and inspiration in one area so I won't have to run all over the place when I'm in the middle of a piece. We'll see how this works out.

I think it will be easier to keep my linens organized now that they will have side walls to keep them from sliding around. And I finally have a place to put that remnant basket that my cat keeps trying to take naps in. We'll see if he finds it.

I also now have a better spot for all my Paumes books. Before they were crammed into a bookcase and I kept forgetting where they were. I'm not sure what area I'll be tackling next week but it feels so good to have this little area done so far.


Victoria said...

Just catching up on all of your beautiful new works! And in regards to your studio... fear not, as it looks lovely, (at least the west wall does!). Love the clean simple lines, and hope one day to have a working space this well organized and pleasing to the eye. xo

Spirited Earth said...

your studio west wall looks wonderful..
i really like your cabinet organizer..

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm dreaming about having such a wonderful studio. It is so clean and inspiring, I'm jealous !

(I'm using my wordpress id to comment so I precise : hey it is me, it's cheek fille)

Kitty Kilian said...

Ah, this is only the west wall now, is it? The west wall of the west wing, I take it?
Sooo brave to have an open studio!

Mari said...

Kathryn, This looks like a spread out of "Real Simple"! Perhaps you should invite them to your open studio?

rae dunn. said...

this looks AMAZING ! i want to come to your open studio !

kathrynclark said...

Thanks everyone! I'll keep you posted as to the dates soon.

Kitty, you know more about american culture than I do!

Rae, I would love to meet you in person! And one of these days soon, I will make it over to yours!

Chantal said...

What a beautiful space!

arounna said...

I use to feel that way - most of the time people are so excited to see other people's work space and don't notice the details we obsess over.

your space is lovely - I love your inspiration board.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Hi Kathryn, your inspiration wall looks very inspiring :)

A shame that i live too far to visit your open studios. Will you post some about it at your blog?

la la Lovely said...

Just stopping by, by way of BYW. Your studio looks amazing. So fresh and inspirational. I love it!

la la lovely


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