tiny weave : number one, red remnant

Finally I can share the first of several tiny weaves I'm working on for The Sketchbook Project.
1. tiny weave : red remnant. 1 1/2" x 2" handwoven tassar silk and red linen thread.
I've been saving materials leftover from larger pieces I've made as well as leftover parts of packaging from other artists (Etsy artists often have beautiful packing materials). This red thread is from a new linen I purchased recently. You know all those incredibly annoying threads left over after you wash unhemmed fabric? I think I finally have a use for them. Alas, tying into the given sketchbook theme And then there was none.

In case you missed the earlier post, here's how I'm making these. I found the perfect size wood block and started nailing in brads.

And here's red remnant in process. 

I'm still experimenting with how to display these in the sketchbook. It will begin to make sense after I've made a few but I've already dissasembled the provided sketchbook. We'll see how it comes back together. I have until January to finish these and I expect to make about ten. Since they're so small, it's been easy to take them along with me when I'm out and have a few moments of free time.


**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Love this!It looks a little bit more losse know? Hope my translation is correct.

Kitty Kilian said...

Real pioneer art!

Jen Appel said...

What attention to detail - not a single twisted threat! I wish the internet was tactile - would love to feel the different textures.

kathrynclark said...

Thank you! Of course, if you read the post I just wrote on Avalanche Looms you'll understand why I've been doing these. Of course, they don't even come close to her work!


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