Studio : sewing table and knitting area

The studio cleanup is progressing slowly but it's happening. I never knew there was such a thing as fabric 'dust' but it covers everything. I worked on my sewing area last week and finally bought a spool rack. It's so nice to have one location for all my thread instead of four different spots around the studio.

I even organized my bobbins which were previously loose in my sewing box. Just this change has made sewing go much faster.

I also set up a knitting area in our sunroom which is next to my studio. It's the best room in the house, with sixteen foot ceilings and french doors that open out onto the garden.

For some reason I only knit in the fall and winter so I put everything away the rest of the year. Also, it keeps my daughter away from my expensive super chunky wools. I learned that lesson the hard way! Now that she's a little older maybe she'll have some self control this year.

I found this huge map of Paris at a store that was going out of business last year. I had been eyeing it for years but thought it was too expensive for a poster. When I head about the store closing, I rushed over and saw it was 75% off list. Being a former urban planner, I love maps, especially ones of Paris. I'd much rather spend my time while knitting looking at this map than watching tv. For more photos of my studio, see my flikr set.


Kitty Kilian said...

ha, i have wanted a spool rack for a long time - just to see all those colours in such neat rows!

Stephanie said...

great space. I loved seeing your work on flickr. So nice.

Pinecone Camp said...

Love your sewing and knitting areas. so organized! I'm new to sewing, so I don't really need a spool rack (for my 3 spools!), but I'd love one.

wsake said...

looks so nice! and i need a spool rack at once!

Eduarda Magalh√£es said...

Love that map!
Your studio looks so nice!

elisa rathje said...

envy! you could host a knitting circle in there!

kalanicut said...

I love what you've done. What a great working space! Feels so organized and welcoming. So jealous. Well done. :)


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