Artist : Avalanche Looms (Susan Johnson)

Maybe it's the fact that I was almost named Susan (my middle name is Johnson) that I found a kindred spirit in Susan Johnson of Avalanche Looms. But after looking at her work here, I think you'll understand why I feel this way.

Dogwood, 5 ft.
In addition to being incredibly talented around a loom, Susan also lives on a farm (hard work in itself) and runs a weaving workshop and store in Avalanche, WI.

I discovered her work on the made with linen flikr group where we both post often. Her beautiful blog really captures her life as a weaver living on a farm. After perusing her Etsy site, I found a scarf that I couldn't resist buying last June. Perfect timing for cold San Francisco summers.

Linen and silk scarf.
I love this scarf and I wear it a lot these days. I even wore it today when I was working in the studio (yes, it's even cold indoors here right now).

Here's a picture of a work in progress. And now one of her looms ... what a beautiful object!

I love how it stands alone with no clutter to be seen. It's simply stunning to me. Can't you just picture coming in here on a chilly morning with a cup of coffee and sitting down to work? No music, just listening to the sounds of the loom. Sigh.

Susan describes her weaving patterns as Scandinavian with a contemporary twist. She weaves rya weaves (traditional Finnish weave) in rags or paper yarn. Her new scarves are long and soft, linen and cotton, asymmetrical designs, with color combinations that are new and exciting to her. She says 'like my Finnish-American mother, and Swedish and Finnish grandmothers, I expect my woven rugs and linens to last for many, many years to come.'

Indigo vat day
I, for one, will be buying linens from Susan for years to come. Now you can understand why I had to just try out a little bit of weaving after seeing her work. You can read Susan's beautiful blog, check out her Etsy shop and see lots more of her work and home on Flikr. Thanks for letting me share your beautiful work, Susan! You've really inspired me.


**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Thank you for showing this post, it's really wonderful to see.


Victoria said...

Between this and your last post... I really am feeling the weaving bug bite me... need to get back into it.

iNd!@nA said...

i found this post while googling for 'looms from found objects'...what a delight!

Couisine Marocaine said...

Bonjour,je viens de parcourir votre blog,j'ai beaucoup aimé....j'ais déjà traité un site comme ca
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