Artist : Renilde de Peuter of AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS

I'm excited today to share the work of Renilde de Peuter of AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS. I discovered her work and blog through someone's favorite list on Flikr. I wish I could remember who so I could thank them!

Wormhole Series, 2010. Renilde de Peuter.
Renilde has been working on a fine art embroidery series called Wormhole that I immediately loved the second I laid eyes upon it.

Wormhole Series, 2010. Renilde de Peuter.
She also knits, weaves ...

Sample, cotton and linen. Renilde de Peuter.
crochets, etc. A jack of all trades, really.

Crocheted flowers and petals. Renilde de Peuter.
What sets Renilde's work apart to me is a certain raw spirit that comes through in all of her pieces.  When someone can take a common craft and tweak it just enough so it creates a distinct and unique style, that is the sign of a true artist. It even comes across in her photographs.

On my worktable. Renilde de Peuter.
All of her work is perfectly executed (the attention to detail is impressive). But there's that hint of wabi-sabi in her layout and subject matter. And that's what gives it that edge that I love. Recently, she's even started building mobiles.

Mobile. Renilde de Peuter.
You can find her flikr collections here (there's lots and lots to look through) and be sure to visit her blog. Thanks for sharing, Renilde! I look forward to more amazing work from you!


jen said...

i love these, especially the top ones!!

Chantal said...

Stunningly beautiful! I like the top ones too. Particularly the coloured diamond. Great detail.

Victoria said...

Her work is indeed beautiful... thank you for sharing! (and i am off to see more!)

Kitty Kilian said...

I like her work too but who IS she? No info at all on her blog..

Anonymous said...

What she is doing is so inspiring, everytime I see one of her new posts I'm thinking "Wow, she really have a great - open and own - mind." So beautiful.



MUS said...

yes, i love her style!
…so i am still very proud to have a little beautiful embroidery work from her in our house :).

Kylie said...

What a wonderful review! I'm a big fan too. She's an amazing person and this shows in her work :) Kx

Leililaloo said...

I love her art so much! It's wonderful to see her featured here so i can see some more of her work. THX
I disovred your blog through BYW...Your blog looks really interesting and inspiring..i'll be back and see what you will be up to more often :)) Dana xoxo


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