Layers : Quilt experiments

I've been busy working out ideas for a new series and thought my experiments could be considered a Layer series piece as well. As a former urban planner, I've been acutely aware of how big an impact the foreclosure crisis has had on our cities and towns. I'm trying to find a way to bring it to everyone's attention just how significantly this affects most neighborhoods in the US today. I'm currently toying around with this idea in my work.

Foreclosure Map study, North Las Vegas, 2010. 15" x 20" Embroidery on linen pojagi quilt.
The empty panels represent large blocks that have foreclosures in them. Sadly, some have up to forty foreclosures in a block. I'll be playing with scales and materials over the next few weeks. I will possibly pull these away from the wall as translucent Pojagi can be traditionally shown. I'm really excited about this series and can't wait until I'm able to pin down all my decisions on how to present these. In the meantime, enjoy the ride!


Sophie Truong said...

Love it! the look of it, but also the concept! It so makes sense with your background, and it's such a big problem right now that it's nice to call the attention to it. Can't wait to see how they evolve. Keep it coming!

WSAKE said...

love your thoughts! i´m very excited to see what comes out!!!

Kitty Kilian said...

I think this one really works already!

Victoria said...

The thought that you put behind your work is fabulous.
This already has a poignancy and power to it, and I look forward to seeing how it evolves.


Hi Kathryn,
I think your fibre pieces are wonderful! I have seen Sol LeWitt's letter to Eva Hesse before and it is just as great every time when you read it!!
Warm regard,
Ingrid xx

Merri Cvetan, The Design Coach said...

I found you on "Blogging Your Way". I've loved meeting creative women from all over the world. What a great site. I love art quilts. Can't wait to see it when you are finished.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

I'm curious too. This work triggers me..I don't know why it is. have to figure it out.Maybe because I have a crush on boxes..squares,rectangles,lately.when I look at it again it's also because it looks like you can get in those squares etc.If you know what I mean.


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