Layers : Quilt experiments with scrim

My second quilt experiment is to use the same pattern as before but this time with a stunning greyblue wool scrim. I love how this looks with the light behind it. Photographing it was near impossible but you get the idea.

Pojagi Quilt experiment #2, 2010. 12"x16", wool scrim and embroidery thread.
I feel like I'm not quite there yet, still working out ideas but enjoying the process. This is what the piece looked like before I cut into it. I love how this fabric looks instantly old when sewn together.

Pojagi Quilt Experiment #2, 2010. 12"x16" wool scrim.
 I give The Silly Boodilly full credit for this Pojagi sewing technique. Her tutorial is the best out there if you ask me. Thanks, Victoria!


Chantal said...

Beautiful work Kathryn. It looks quite delicate.

Victoria said...

Lovely! I agree... it looks so wonderfully old.

And thank you. :0) (I am happy that it made sense!)

Kitty Kilian said...

Interesting! I wonder what idea you will like best! I love the plain greycotton too..

WSAKE said...

i really love this!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, love seeing your process!

rae dunn. said...

S T U N N I N G !


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