Inspiration : Lenore Tawney

I created an Inspiration folder on my computer three years ago where I collect images artists' work that I really admire. My eyes have been drawn lately to Lenore Tawney's fiber pieces. Here are few I'd love to share.

Path II, circa 1965-66. Linen. Image from Browngrotta.
I love this piece, it's simplicity and frankness. How it hangs a few feet off the wall which gives it a completely different presence I think.

Waterfall, 1974. linen. Image Browngrotta.
I admit I have a thing about orange and this piece I really love. I wish I could understand Tawney's thought process as to how she came up with her ideas and how she figured out how to execute them.

Bach, collage. 1967. Image Browngrotta.
She also made a lot of collage works. What an apt title, not just because of the obvious subject but don't you just hear Bach in the way the piece was assembled? It's nice to pull these images out of the folder and just study them for awhile. See more work online here.


Kitty Kilian said...

Yes, I can see where your inspiration comes from! I think the Bach collage is my favorite. And I am looking at the linkedwithin pictures under your post and I sooo like the red and grey quilt experiment with the squares!

Victoria said...

Wonderful work. The orange waterfall piece... the way it flows... beautiful.

Sophie Truong said...

Beautiful, I love her work! Have you seen her postcards?
I love your piece w/ wool scrim too.


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