Foreclosure : piecing

After a long holiday week, I'm back in the studio making some progress this weekend. It was nice week, but I'm missed my studio time. I've mostly pieced the major front panels of my Foreclosure series and it's now just a matter of sewing those all together. Here they are hung together on my pinboard.

The piece measures about 4' x 6' and represents a bit over a mile of a North Las Vegas neighborhood. My remnants have been squished off to the side for the moment. Who knows if some of them will show up in the quilt. I still need to assemble the triangle pieces which represent a park and a channelled creek. Why developers feel the need to pave over natural creeks, I have no idea. Sigh.


claire said...

Its beautiful Kathryn, have you seen Louise Bourgeouis' fabric drawings? There's a great show here in London at the moment, I think you would find it very inspirational, I've done a blog post about it http://clairebrewster.blogspot.com/
There's an amazing book out as well.

Kitty Kilian said...

hm.. bulding up suspension.. i am waiting for the red bits to appear!

Di said...

It looks great- I love the inspiration for the pattern. Right with you on the building over of creeks (or as seems to happen around here, draining or dredging of wetlands for new suburbs..)


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