Artist : Myrna Tatar

I discovered several fiber artists recently who are members of a bay area art group called fiber/DIMENSIONS, which began in 1990. All of their work is amazing and ranges from quilting and sculpture to papermaking. One artist's work really stood out to me, the work of Myrna Tatar.

Holly Monday, 2010. Linen, plastic food wrappers, mixed fabrics, embroidery thread. 
Holly Monday detail, 2010.
I love the looseness of her work, challenging the idea of what is a quilt. I haven't been able to find out much about the artist except for what is on the DIMENSIONS website, but I like what I see.
Myrna Tatar.
I love this piece, a long roll of fabric with doodles and sewn sketches all along. And this detail just amazes me, she has such freedom in her work.

Myrna Tatar.
You can see more of her work here on the fiber/DIMENSIONS website. Myrna's work is also part of the current fiber/DIMENSIONS' show, Intersections 5: Colors-Concepts-Contours, on view through December 19th at the Presidio Officer's Club in the Presidio. It's open Wed-Sun 11-5 at 50 Moraga Avenue. See more details here.


Victoria said...

Great find and very intriguing. Thanks for sharing!

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

oh Kathryn, I love this work! I hope i can find some more about her.
Thanks for showing..it's so inspiring!

Kitty Kilian said...

Yes I could see that would be exactly your taste!

Sophie Truong said...

Love her work! thanks for sharing!

tracerapotts said...

Betcha anything Kathryn, whenever I'm doubting the credibility of my work, something comes along to reassure me. I've been fossicking about your blog and feel thoroughly bolstered by the likes of Shiela Hicks, Myrna Tatar, Blinky Palermo etc.. AaaaaaH - wonderful - thankyou!


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