Foreclosure : assembling ...

It's been hard to show my progress in the past few weeks since we haven't had much great natural light for photographing not to mention that squares after squares of the same fabric can't be so interesting to look at! Nevertheless, I've got some progress to share on my foreclosure quilt series. Here was my final experiment where I finally determined scale and representation of foreclosed lots.

Foreclosure experiment remnant, 6" x 6". Linen and cotton.
I then decided to use the blue wool scrim as my quilt top fabric with red sandwiched behind and a rear layer of the natural scrim. Cutting away from the blue to the red is a much more powerful image.

Now, onto the assembly! I've started working on Las Vegas first which, thankfully is a sea of grided arterial roads. This makes it easy to layout the quilt pieces. Within the grid roads, the streets are all unique (some have some badly appropriate names). I plan to quilt the secondary roads using a contrasting thread. And now onto assembly!

I have larger panels sewn together but they're hard to photograph at the moment. I hope to have more to share over the next few weeks.

The solid fabric on the bottom represents retail and civic areas in the neighborhoods. I love how civic and retail occur in patterns on a map and this simple treatment on the quilt subtly highlights them without taking away from the real point. I'm excited to see this idea finally come together!

In the meantime, I hope everyone in the States has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a relaxing long weekend! We plan to spend it with good friends here in the city. Their flat has an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. Happy Thanksgiving!


Kitty Kilian said...

I really like it! Love the red - will there be some light blue too as in the upprmost picture? Or is that background? Looks promising!

Victoria said...

Love the thought, symbolism and meaning you put into each piece.

Sophie Truong said...

The red was a great idea, it looks stunning. And I have no idea what wool scrim is but I love it already..

cynthia said...

I can't wait to see this piece finished!!


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