Beautiful objects

I took a trip up over the Golden Gate bridge today with my dear friend Ines to shop Heath Ceramic's annual factory sale. I love Heath Ceramics. Their dishes are simple and elegant and incredibly well made, not to mention local which means a lot to me.

Photo by: Dustin Aksland
I love this new yearly tradition we started last year. So far, both years the first big winter rains hit just as we arrive. We stay nice and dry inside admiring all the beautiful wares. The factory building is just as beautiful as the ceramics.

Photo by: Dustin Aksland
At one point, someone dropped a dish and you heard an audible anguished cry from everyone in the room. We all seemed to be in agreement how precious these objects are.

Photo by: Dustin Aksland
I've decided to slowly replace all my daily dishes with Heath's. It will take me a few years, these don't come cheap. But the sale certainly helps.

Photo by: Dustin Aksland
I love this photo. All the mistakes and remnants uncolored and unglazed. It's all beautiful to me. If you're lucky enough to be near San Francisco or Los Angeles, you can join in the fun this weekend and all next week here. Check out the Dwell article to see more great photos.


Inklore said...

I need to get back over there! I was thinking of getting some ramekins this year...

Victoria said...

How fortunate you are to live so near! And I agree, that last photo is a beautiful image!


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