work table : april 22nd

Work has been slow and steady in the studio in the past week as I try to finish another foreclosure piece to enter into an upcoming show (fingers crossed!).

Modesto foreclosure boro in progress.
And of course, when a deadline approaches, I'm so good at procrastinating. I squeezed in a little studio remodeling last week by adding a new work wall using some gifted foam core and printmaking paper. I can now write notes next to my pinned fabric which is so handy now that I'm weeks away from hitting a big birthday and need help remembering everything!

I also started to experiment on my next piece. I always have to have a WIP to study while I'm sewing or I'd lose my mind.

Grade #10 cheesecloth reminds me of street grids so I think it will work well in my foreclosure series.

And I also received another package from Japan, this one from Kimonoboy textiles. 

They are having a sale on Kaya mosquito netting and I couldn't resist. I stocked up! Now what to do with it, another series? This time tied to Japan, perhaps?


arlee said...

i've been very tempted to buy some of that too!

Kitty Kilian said...

Which show are you entering? i like all the red... Really I can't wait to see the whole installation! your pictures are gorgeous..

Sophie Truong said...

great post, your pics look great. so does your studio.. looking forward to see that new piece.. and to get my kimonoboy order! thanks again for the tip!

kathrynclark said...

@Sophie, the package arrived much quicker than he said so you won't have to wait long! @arlee, the fabrics are beautiful, can't go wrong. @Kitty, it's the local one about saving the world and having fun while trying. Can't finish it in time though!

Lari Washburn said...

I like the new board...looks like a good idea to be able to writ notes next to things in progress.

Victoria said...

Great little design wall. I'm hoping to move my studio space into a room of my own this summer, (provided eldest moves out on her own after graduating from college) so I may try that idea for myself!

All of that lush red stitching is just wonderful, and I am DROOLING over that beautiful indigo blue japanese fabric. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it, and good luck with your upcoming show entry!

anastasia said...

you have been busy! i have to keep a pile of scrap paper nearby so i can write things down quickly; i haven't a birthday anywhere in site to explain my absentmindedness. hmm, genetics maybe?
the boros look so tactile and marvelous! i like the effect the wider cheesecloth has.
maybe the next series could be something related to how many nuclear power plants there are in japan and the world? kind of a map or so, then the areas that could be an evacuation zone if something were to happen to them blocked out in translucency? then we could see how much devastation could happen, and which areas could still be safe. scary.


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