The Inhabit Project : #2 Tabouret and Wheelhouse Maze

Here is the second Inhabit Project collaboration I am making with Vanessa of moira & obbie. We are using the word "inhabit" as a starting point for these pieces. I am interpreting the word in a physical sense while Vanessa is about the concepts around inhabiting the mind.
left: Tabouret by Kathryn Clark and right: Wheelhouse Maze by moira & obbie, 2011.
My piece, Tabouret, is a plan view of my work tabouret taken one afternoon. A couple of safety pins strayed from their bowls on the right, a woodblock rectangle below those, a leftover piece of dowel rod and a void above where my ironing board usually fits. I used all remnant materials from the studio work this week.

Tabouret by Kathryn Clark. 16" x 16", 2011.
And Vanessa's description of Wheelhouse Maze. "Maze for the circuitous route i take through my brains activity on a daily basis, the repetition and bits of pretty, the chaos and order all in one; wheelhouse as in the baseball term meaning: a hitter's power zone, as this is where i find and draw my own little bit of power from. The yarn I used to hand-stitch is from a life-sized stash I salvaged from my granny's attic."

Wheelhouse Maze by moira & obbie, 2011.
See more details of Vanessa's piece's here. And see our previous work here.


Victoria said...

I like how the same starting point can produce such different interpretations, ways of seeing and expressing. Wonderful!

Kitty Kilian said...

Such a great idea to document your studio really.. I love the abstract quality. I just went to an interview with Frank Stella at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and he said his big geometric paintings were really inspired by the barn structures of his youth environment.. howdoyoucallit.. but he said 'when you are dreaming of kandinsky etc you don't want anyone to know YOU are really thinking of barns'.. which was only half a joke.

kathrynclark said...

Thanks for the support, gals! That must have been a great lecture, Kitty!


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