The Inhabit Project : #3 Art wall deconstructed and Coat: Threadbare

I'm really enjoying this collaboration with Vanessa of moira & obbie! We have two new pieces to share this week from The Inhabit Project. They complement each other nicely again, don't you think? We are working independently from each other yet somehow our pieces always click.
#3. Left: Art wall deconstructed by Kathryn Clark and Right: Coat: Threadbare by Vanessa Filley
My piece, Art Wall Deconstructed, started out as a basic image of my small art gallery area in my studio. It evolved into a deconstruction of several of my artworks including Glow and an earlier collaboration piece.

Art wall deconstructed, 2011. 16" x 16" Cheesecloth, wool scrim and embroidery on linen napkin
I love how the linen fabric became three dimensional as I embroidered the circle.

Art wall deconstructed (detail), 2011.
And here's Vanessa's piece, Coat: Threadbare.

Coat: Threadbare by Vanessa Filley of Moira & Obbie.
Once again, she offers a beautiful description of her thoughts:

"sometimes i feel homeless, uprooted, despite the reality that i am deeply nested. it's as if i am drifting from here to there with nothing but the clothing upon my back to provide a bit of warmth and grounding, a bit of my own history and where i have trod.  it is threadbare, once beautiful.  i have patched and repaired it, struggling to hold the pieces of memory together.  in this life we carry so much with us, collect so many bits, find ourselves amongst what we have, and yet we are not these  pieces, but in the here and now sometimes such bits seem to secure me to some sense of sanity..."

Vanessa Filley

See more of Vanessa's pieces here and mine here. In the next few weeks I will create a page on this blog so you can see the pieces together in their entirety.


Sophie Truong said...

you guys seem to indeed be a perfect match. beautiful as always!

Kitty Kilian said...

Hey K., I love both your pieces! I am glad this is working so well, it must be very inspiring to both of you! Funny how they even complement each other in colour..


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