The Inhabit Project

I've just started a new collaboration with Vanessa of moira & obbie that we're calling The Inhabit Project. Vanessa and I met through Flikr a few months back. I've been admiring Vanessa's artwork, craft and photography for at least a year so I'm excited to finally have the chance to work with her, albeit remotely! She came up with the word "inhabit" as a starting point. Each of us is interpreting the word differently (you will soon see) but they seem to work well together. This is our starting point: white muslin for Vanessa, linen napkins for mine.
left image, moira & obbie: right image, Kathryn
I plan to create a new page on my blog showcasing the pieces side by side. More to come soon! In the interim, check out moira & obbie's photostream on Flikr. She has lots of fascinating sets to see!


Kitty Kilian said...

Ah.. don't you love long distance inspiration! Looking forward to see how your work will be influenced by each other!

Sophie Truong said...

wonderful theme and starting points.. cant wait to see where you eah take it

Victoria said...

Looks like the start of something fascinating!


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