The Inhabit Project : #4 Bookshelf and Anschauung

Vanessa Filley and I were busy last week making new pieces for The Inhabit Project. Here are #4: Bookshelf and Anschauung.
#4: Left, Bookshelf by Kathryn Clark and Right, Anschauung by Vanessa Filley
My piece is simply a elevation view of a bookshelf in my studio full of magazines that I cannot seem to throw away. I was inspired by Inside Out magazine from Australia this time. It has the most beautiful colors on sidebar. And of course stacked magazines never stay neat, hence the wobbly layers on the right.

#4: Left, Bookshelf detail by Kathryn Clark and Right, Anschauung detail by Vanessa Filley
And Vanessa's words for Anschauung:

this piece is based on the feedback loops the artist mind experiences.  how the mind receives impressions from the outside world and then analyses, compares and combines these impressions.  from my little portal peering out on the world what do i see, how do i perceive, and in reverse those looking in, what to they see? this piece is that window, my perch, my vantage point.  loosely inspired by italiante windows.

Vanessa Filley of Moira & Obbie

See all of Vanessa's pieces and details here and all of mine here.


montse llamas-artsandcats said...

I've just found your blog and want to say hello and how much I like your work!

I'll follow you from now on...


Lari Washburn said...

I like that you take inspiration from the ordinary. So much of the ordinary is so poignant, I think.

Kitty Kilian said...

Very concrete, that's how I like it!


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