Artist : Jaime Rugh of Found While Walking

I met Jaime of Found While Walking two months ago. Even though she lives on the opposite side of the country, she feels like a neighbor. We've had wonderful talks, had our kids exchange packages and inspired each other over and over. Her blog reminds people about looking, observing, taking things at face value.

Jaime has an amazing way of observing the world that so few people take the time to do. She reinterprets it all in beautiful weavings, collages, whatever pops into her mind to make.

And well, I take an instant liking to anyone who makes their own loom.

And after she saw my work, she made this impressive post about it. I had never heard of Thomas Nozkowski, and now that she's compared the work, I get it. And learning about Thomas just inspired my latest collaboration. Here's her latest project which I hope to see in person one day.

See Jaime's Found While Walking blog here and her beautiful weavings for sale here. Thanks Jaime for opening my eyes!

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Maeg said...

Beautiful work! I especially love the contrast of the burlap and feathers in the first picture. And the sense that they are flying or floating.


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