work table : stocking up

I happened to be in Marin yesterday and finally had the time to stop by Dharma Trading Company. Oh my! So many beautiful, wonderful yarns and fabrics to keep my studio fully stocked for months. Here are a few gems I couldn't resist. Who knows where they'll turn up in my work.

I found more leather strap but this time in rose. I have used this in place of steel wire on some of my pieces but in brown. This color has amazing possibilities.

More amazing rose tones. This one is Dusty Rose by Twinkle Hand Knits in Soft Chunky. I love how these yarns knit up quickly and how beautifully they felt.

And I started right away knitting with this green for my latest work in progress, Seed Money. Once it's finished I'll felt it and sew it onto the piece.

Here's a little detail of Seed Money so you can have some idea of how the green will work with the rest of the colors. Happy creating!


Anonymous said...

Such luscious materials and colors. I love the rich tones in your work in progress.

Just curious, have you ever hand felted raw wool? It is process I dearly love and immediately thought of felting again when reading this post!

simplycreative said...

Glad to hear I inspired you, Gina!I haven't felted raw wool yet although I've started spinning it. Do you think it's easier than knitting and felting? I like the structure of the knitted felt.

Anonymous said...

not necessarily easier, but more of a direct process. You can felt directly onto objects to create covers and skins or make 3d forms. very organic. And is makes your hands smooth and smell pretty! But those rich colors always remind me of the deeply dyed raw wool.


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