Inspiration : The Gardener

I've just returned from a wonderful five day escape to Healdsburg in the Sonoma wine country. My favorite store in the Bay Area would have to be The Gardener in Berkeley.

They also have a larger store in Healdsburg nestled in the Dry Creek Valley. Every time I've been near, the store was closed or the timing was off. But this weekend I finally made it and was not disappointed even though the fog was still lingering that morning.

 If I could have a large backyard in a sunnier spot, it would look just like this! Well, perhaps I wouldn't go so overboard with all the ball sculptures, but a few would do.

If you can't tell, I like these ...

If I had a covered porch, these would be my chairs. I wouldn't mind the grill as well. If, if, if ...

The chairs come in all colors (and tiny sizes for the little ones) and if you ask me, are a steal at $165.00.

Even with the fog, I was happy with all the sunflowers blooming.

I love the forced vanishing point created with the pots and planting. Truly an inspiring place if you garden at all. Unfortuntely, they don't offer online shopping but next time you're in Berkeley, be sure to pop in.


Kitty Kilian said...

Do you NOT have a covered porch? That is about the best thing of all amrican homes! We'll have to get you one.

kathrynclark said...

Sigh, alas no! I wish more than anything for a front porch. City living trumps it for now :-)

rae dunn. said...

kathryn, i LOVE the gardener. and my studio is just down the street. next time, multi task and come by !


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