Inspiration : where land meets the sea

I've always needed to live near water. A three hour drive is my maximum distance. Luckily, we've ended up minutes from the most stunning coastline. Every now and then I need to escape the city for a few moments for some space and inspiration. Within a twenty minute drive from San Francisco you can find this:

I love the colors in this scene: beautiful warm beach sand contrasting with all the greys with just a hit of blue from the fog burning off in the morning.

And who couldn't say they don't find this scene awe inspiring? I feel very lucky today.


Jen Appel said...

* sigh! *

Anonymous said...

so jealous!

claire said...

beautiful, wish I that 20 minutes drive away

Victoria said...

That looks like heaven!

mirjam said...

I was inspired many years ago to weave a 4 meter work that shows the Non existing line of sea and beach
Have a in my site
www.fibersiv.net open the exhibition `a woman with threads`
the work "There Is There Isn't"


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