Artist : Rae Dunn ... clay

I wanted to share the work of one of my favorite local artisans, Rae Dunn. I have always been drawn to her ceramics every time I've come across them. It's that split second thought "Oh, I love this ... oh it's Rae's work, no wonder!"

Her work can be seen all over the bay area and the web these days. Her ceramics have that rare personal touch that is often lost when produced in multiples.

wide rim wafer plate (Merci)
You can tell Rae forms these pieces by hand, which makes me love them more. Every piece is simply made but unique. Her wit that comes through is also lovely. And I'm always a sucker for anything written in french.

Salt Bowls
Like me, Rae is also inspired by the Japanese aesthetic. Specifically wabi-sabi, which speaks of the beauty of imperfection. It really comes through in her work.

Berkeley, California  July 2010
She  also keeps up with a weekly Friday sketch series that is either a little watercolor, or more recently, a sketch on clay as seen above. See more work on Rae's website and blog. She's taking a nice, well deserved vacation this month. Of course she's visiting one of my favorite spots this time of year, New England. I can't wait to see what inspiration she brings back from that trip.


Kitty Kilian said...

Great work.. I love anthing with stamps. The sketch on clay is cool!

GrayFlannel said...

Love her sketches and pottery. I too am looking forward to the inspiration she will bring back from her trip.


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