Artist : The Silly BooDilly aka Victoria Gertenbach

I have been so eager to share Victoria's work for the past week. It is truly incredible! I discovered her work on Flikr and this piece jumped out at me. I immediately fell in love with it.

Remnant #12, The Silly BooDilly
I was so thrilled it was for sale! I bought it without a second's thought. After some digging around on Victoria's flikr site, I realized just how extremely talented and prolific she is. In terms of technique, I've not seen finer. Honestly, anyone who can finish just one quilt gets an A in my book but Victoria has done many, oh so many. From work quilts, art quilts, remnants and embroidery, you name it. And they are all so beautiful! On top of that, she is the artist who generously included several tutorials on the pojagi technique that I played around with last week. After trying it myself, I can tell you how hard it is to have such refined sewing, even using a machine. She has clearly mastered it!

Pojagi Inspired Panel, detail, The Silly BooDilly
I hope to see more artists using this technique, it's nice to know there is someone else out there trying it. And now on to more of Victoria's work. Some or her quilts ...

Work Quilt #3 detail, The Silly BooDilly
I had a hard time choosing which are my favorites. Her sewing is professional and the designs are very modern. I have no idea how many hours must go into these but I'm guessing a lot. Two more ...

Work Quilt on a wall, The Silly BooDilly
I love how her surroundings obviously inspire the colors and patterns in her work and she shows it here.
Drive, The Silly BooDilly
This Modern Art Quilt was "inspired by yellow taxis cabs, school buses, roads and road signs." Such a simple yet sophisticated interpretation. Be sure to see her flikr page for more details of these quilts as well as links back to her blog discussing her thoughts on them.

On top of being incredibly talented, Victoria is also generous and sweet. After I ordered Remnant #12, we had a wonderful back and forth conversation about our work and when the piece arrived, she had included a beautiful little package of remnant fabrics and tapes for me to play around with in my own work.

They are all so beautiful and Japanese (you know how much I love anything Japanese)! Thank you so much, Victoria! I know you will be inspiring me for many years to come! Be sure to read The Silly BooDilly blog as well as Victoria's inspiration blog Worn and Weathered, her Etsy site and her Flikr page.


Kitty Kilian said...

So That is pojagi.. how awesome would that be on a very tailored wedding dress.. love the pictures of her colorful quilts - esp. the yellow one. Good blogs!

Victoria said...

Kathryn, thank you so much for this lovely feature, you made my day!


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