Artist : Gabriel Russo

Last week you might have seen my article on Boro over at Handful of Salt. Well, there was one video that just didn't want to cooperate with the website. So, I'll share it with you here. This is bay area clothing designer, Gabriel Russo, and his work is also boro inspired.

He certainly looks like someone fun to work with. Notice the obligatory boro remnant hanging on his wall. It's a beautiful piece, and elements of it are reflected in his work. Oftentimes, as seen below, he repurposes the old boros and kimonos for his clothing. Normally, I would cringe at that comment but the way he reutilizes them ties into their very purpose, to be mended and reused.

Jacket by Gabriel Russo

He also is an avid indigo dyer as he writes on his blog. The ghost pocket was created by removing the pocket after an indigo dye dip . I just finished a five week green indigo dyeing class with Barbara Shapiro so I was immediately smitten.

Jacket detail by Gabriel Russo
More amazing pockets and remnant boro details. 

Jacket detail by Gabriel Russo

With some creative stitching, not enough to overwhelm a jacket. I wonder if he makes clothing for women?

Jacket detail by Gabriel Russo

Check out Gabriel's blog where he also shares some great stories about his life in the rag trade in Brooklyn. There is a great, in-depth review here. Gabriel is also a member of the World Shibori Network which features some of his wares.


Katrina said...

love boro and love learning about boro, thanks to you. your dyeing class sounds divine.

Susan Hemann said...

So glad you shared boro! I checked out Sri shop, how wonderful thank you!

Kitty Kilian said...

Ah, after reading that article I finally know what boro is! Phew, it was about time.. So there is a boro loving community huh..

k said...

thanks for another great boro artist share! that sort of clothing is really what appeals to me right now - or at least the idea of it, since i don't see much around. guess i'll just have to make some of my own...

Sophie Truong said...

lovely! and loved the clip!


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