work table : getting back into the routine ... finally!

I've had such a blissful start to my week, back in the studio, back to my old routine which I missed SO much. A lot has happened since January 1st this year I can't say I'm shocked it's almost March already. A quick health update and a good one finally! After numerous biopsies and finally a surgery (really!) I learned I do not have stage IV cancer. Yes, that's what I had hanging over my head all of January. Amazingly, what looked pretty darn dire was not what it seemed. I'm still scratching my head over it all. I have something that just mimics all of that nasty stuff. And it's treatable, thankfully, by sometimes just doing nothing. Really! How's that for a wake up call?! So now back to our regularly scheduled program but with an added sense of appreciation to it all! But first, thanks to ALL of you wonderful friends out there who wished me well and sent good vibes my way. It all worked!

All of my books are now in one place. Well, almost. I love how everyone
seems to own Denyse Schmidt's Quilts book.
Last week it seems a lot of artists were busy cleaning up their studios, myself included. I am in the process of a giant purge, clearing out the paints and old tools I haven't touched in five years. Letting go of the past is one thing I've really been itching to do over the past month. And now my studio is ready for some new work. And I'm making it, a lot, in fact.

I will never tire of trace paper. I wish I had a larger dedicated drawing table.
I'll only have some bits and bobs to show you for a few weeks until it comes more clearly into focus but it's moving forward in such a good way. I've never been happier and never been more pleased with how my work is going. I just wish I had more time to spend making it all. Patience is one thing that I've lost a bit of over the past month, understandably. But it's all so very, very good.

The view from my sketch area of my smaller work wall.
My new series initially involves creating a conceptual quilt pattern 'book' designed in black and white. Think Louise Bourgeois' Ode a L'oubli. It's a way of investigating a much bigger idea that I have planned for this year. It really calls into practice all of those essential elements that I strive for in my work. All the while, I'm picking away at the studio clean up (see that pile on the floor on the bottom right below?). All outgoing! It's so wonderful to work in a clean studio for a change.

My large 4'x8' work table is now devoid of tools to allow quicker
cutting and measuring. I also just ordered a nice new iron to
replace this cheap one. Never buy Rowenta btw. They leak!
I also have plans for a big website and blog overhaul in the coming months (that's a daunting task, isn't it!) so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook. And check out what's inspiring me over on Pinterest. So much beauty over there! I hope everyone is busy making wonderful things and just being happy this year. We all deserve it, don't we? Send me some links to what you're working on in the comments below, I'd love to see some of it!


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