In addition to featuring my art, I created this blog to inspire and inform other artists who work in the unique genre I call articraft. I feature artists who use craft and craftspeople who make art.

Originally from the Deep South (the armpit of the South to be exact) my husband and I settled in San Francisco sixteen years ago. My art studio is located in our home and looks out onto our little garden. I spent several years working as an urban designer and architect but was always creating something in my studio when I came home. Eventually, my creative side won over and I now spend most days in my downstairs studio, creating and making.

If you would like to see all of my work in one place, my website is a good place to start. My Flikr site has all of my earlier paintings as well a house tour, including my studio.

You can contact me here. If you want to stay connected, join me on twitter and facebook.

Thanks for visiting.


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