1110/5 by MIEL Publishers

I've been meaning to share a little surprise that landed on my lap a few weeks ago but I had to deal with deadlines first. Finally, I can share! Last year, thanks to my friend Lisa, I happened upon MIEL Publishers, a Belgium based book publisher that aims to bridge the divide between trade books and artist's editions. What a brilliant idea. Jonathan Vanhaelst and √Čireann Lorsung are the talented and friendly team behind MIEL. They create high quality art monographs along with a twice a year journal, 1110, that features creative writing and beautiful art.

Artists shown here include Lisa Congdon, Cathy Cullis, Camilla Engman,
Elsa Mora, Heather Smith Jones, and of course, Lisa Solomon.
I had MIEL on my radar to contact them at some point when out of the blue, they contacted me to include my work in the Journal 1110/5. This edition arrives as a set of postcards, each artwork paired with writing that responds to the art.

√Čireann chose a detail of my Las Vegas Foreclosure quilt and sent the image to Neele Delschaft, whose beautiful writing was previously published by MIEL here. She wrote a beautiful response.

Writing by Neele Delschaft.
Learn more about MIEL here and be sure to stop by their webshop here.


work table : foreclosure quilts

Just a quick view of my studio wall this week as I finish up quilts for the show at Gallery Nord in San Antonio in June.

Chicago, Miami and Cape Coral Foreclosure quilts.
I have several more shows coming up later this fall and into next spring all across the US, so stay tuned for more details on the Gallery Nord exhibit as well as the rest!


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