The 2014 Whitney Biennial and articraft - Lisa Anne Auerbach

This year's Whitney Biennial has accurately reflected the rise of crafts in the art world. I thought it would be nice to sort through the 103 artists and feature the artists who use craft in their work. There is a lot of amazing art in the exhibition so be sure to check it all out in person or online. I just discovered the work of Lisa Anne Auerbach when I was listening to Andrea Zittel speak about her project High Desert Test Sites. Lisa lives in Los Angeles, where a lot of interesting cross boundary art is happening these days. Her work in the Biennial include some examples of her knitted statement sweaters which she started making in 2004. This one I find particularly wonderful.

Lisa Anne Auerbach via Tabletmag.com
You'll also find a large knitted tapestry that lists things psychics have said to her that could have been said to anyone. It goes with a megazine also on display.

Lisa Anne Auerbach, Let the Dream Write Itself, 2014.
Wool, 63 × 80 in. (160 × 203.2 cm), Collection of the artist and Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach.
Copyright Lisa Anne Auerbach. Photograph by Lisa Anne Auerbach.
Check out more information about her work and watch a video tour through her studio over at the Whitney website artist info page here. Also, the New York Times did a studio visit here.


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