tiny weave : number two, loose remnant

Here is the second of my Tiny weave project that I'm creating for The Sketchbook Project. I've been saving remnants from packages received and my artwork and I use these as weft threads.

02. Loose Remnant, 2010. 2"x2", paper thread and remnant thread. For The Sketchbook Project.
The warp thread in this case is paper string. I love the color and the strength of it.


Avalanche Looms / Susan Johnson said...

I do like this, your wandering red remnant thread is such a nice line

Sophie Truong said...

Love it!

Victoria said...

your work keeps me continually fascinated, and never bored!

Stephanie Ryan said...

Love the colors and looseness of this piece. Very nice. I also like the mix of textures, it gives it a very nice quality. Have a great weekend!


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