Artist : Sophie Truong

I'm very excited to share my new friend Sophie Truong's work with you today! I met Sophie in Decor8's Blogging Your Way class taught by Holly Becker. Meeting Sophie was one of the highlight's of the class for me. Sophie works and shows in the Boston area. When I first found her site, I discovered these stunning quilt panels.

Sophie Truong, Tea Bag quilt panel 7.
What I didn't realize is they are made of used tea bags. She hand sews them together using traditional quilting techniques to create subtle color overlays. Incredible, no? Using found materials and remnants make these even more special to me. Here are some details of the sewing.

Sophie Truong, Tea bag quilt panel details.
Then Sophie surprised me again. I saw this wall installation and immediately loved it. It looks as if it's going to slither away, it feels so alive.

Sophie Truong, Wall installation.
It's also made with teabags which I never would have guessed from far away. I assumed these were made of wood. Stunning!

Sophie Truong, Wall installation detail.
As I mentioned, she wastes nothing. Here is what she did with all of the leftover teabag tags from the wall panels.

Sophie Truong, Tea Bag grouping.
And here are some images of her soft sculptures she has been making using wire and fabric. Also beautiful.

Sophie Truong, Soft Sculptures.
Sophie's work is diverse yet her strong personal style tie it all together. It also has a looseness and freedom to it that really inspires me. I am excited to see what Sophie creates next. You can visit her website here and her blog Stitch and Tickle. She also has an Etsy shop Oops and Comet that features wearable art that she makes (wow!). And, there are many, many more photos of her work on Flikr.


Unknown said...

Wow amazing work,how was the blogging course, was wondering about doing it myself when they do the next one. 300 people sounds a bit daunting.

Victoria said...

Wow! Love, love, love!
Thank you for sharing... I'm off to go check out her sites!

kathrynclark said...

Isn't Sophie's work great?! Claire, the class was crazy with 300 people but we did learn a tremendous amount from it. There is a lot of content to learn!

Chantal said...

I will never look at a tea bag the same way again! Her work is fantastic! Sophie must be a very, very patient person. I imagine dry teabags are quite delicate to work with.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

I agree also,her work is wonderful!
Thnx for showing.maybe I will put her on my list of inspirations.

Kitty Kilian said...

Hey Kathryn - the tea bag details are surely not from the quilt you are showing up top? Must go to her blog..

kathrynclark said...

Kitty, that is most definitely a quilt made of tea bags! I couldn't believe it either! All I could say was WOW!

Sonya McCllough Lockridge said...

Wow is right ... way to snag an interview ... way 2 go top BYW poster (forum) :)


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