In with 2011!

Happy New Year everyone! It seems like a lot of us are stuggling with finding the positive in 2010. Here in the States, it's been a rough year for a lot of people, including many of my close friends. The good thing is that most of us are positive thinkers and see good times ahead. I'm finally getting around to posting my big four resolutions for 2011. I hope to hear about some of yours, I bet they will inspire us all. Here are my big four.

1. Speak up about my artwork. I enjoy making art so much and I'm a bit on the quiet side, I have a hard time shouting out about my work. I took a big step last year by starting this blog, which has helped tremendously in encouraging me. Thanks to all of you for your support! I've also made some wonderful friends this way which I never would have imagined. This year I resolve to contact more galleries, enter more shows, and find other ways of connecting my work to others. And here's a little peek into my latest progress ...

Foreclosure Quilt #1, North Las Vegas, 2010. 4' x 6'
2. Renew my tiny vegetable garden! I spent last week visiting most of my family in Florida. I reconnected with my brother (the kids call him uncle Mac) and was amazed at how much we had in common including our love of gardening. We took a walk on his property and saw his incredible garden. I was blown away, it was stunning. My little vegetable patch is just outside my studio door and this year I promise myself I'll put it to good use. Here's just a corner of my brother's garden. Inspiring, no?

Uncle Mac's garden
3. Start yoga again. I was really enjoying yoga until summer vacation hit and I fell out of the pattern. When I do yoga, I feel healthy, never get sick and have lots of energy. This year I have no excuse! My dear friends have just opened a yoga studio in San Francisco. I'm so excited for them as they have really worked hard to make this happen. I love being part of someone's life that way, seeing them grow and be successful. If you happen to live near SF, pop in and take a class at their studio, Perusha Yoga Studio on Balboa. They also offer yoga classes in Golden Gate Park on the weekends. Here's a photo of the fun.

Perusha Yoga in the park.
4. Share my love of cooking with our friends. I really, really love to cook and have spent the last three years honing my skills. Last year we hosted more friends for dinner. I just discovered an amazing cookbook called "Sunday Suppers at Lucques" It includes numerous three course menus for every season for six people. It all looks delicious. Who's coming over first?

What are your resolutions for 2011? Happy New Year everyone! This year will be wonderful, thanks to all of you!


WSAKE said...

happy new year!
these are some great resolutions! i´ll join them right away!

Kitty Kilian said...

Thanks for your sweet words & comments over the last year! I have no resolutions for the first time in my life.. I just want to continue on this path.. deal with my weaknesses and nurture my strengths.. The foreclosure quilt however is looking gorgeous! Where are you with it and what shows are your going to enter it in? How about the Quilt National, is it this year again?

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Happy new year for you too,Kathryn!
The red piece is very intruiging!
Love it..so make a lot more this year,ok?

Inklore said...

Happy New Year Kathryn!
I love your idea of sharing meals with friends. I love to cook but always forget to invite people over! I will have to do more of that this year too.

Ellen said...

wonderful resolutions, kathryn, wishing you a lot of artsy and veggie successes in 2011!

elisa rathje said...

i don't usually encounter people whose resolutions i want! amazing. id love to see your progress with all of this! i fell in love with vinjasa yoga this summer and met some specific goals with it, amazing what you can do when you make a decision. i too always forget how much i love to have people round! i'm doing a cookery course right now so i have no more excuses. oh, well, maybe i should wait til we receive our table! x!

Sophie Truong said...

wait a minute.. all these are MY resolutions..
Count me in for dinner :)

kathrynclark said...

Boy, this would be one great dinner party if you all could come, especially if it was a potluck! Food from all over the world :-) Happy New Year, everyone!

Lari Washburn said...

I adore your resolutions! Some of mine are: learn how to make a really good asian noodle soup, clean out my attic, be all of a piece, and all of myself more, add some nice things to my wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

Kathryn, I love the foreclosure quilt you gave us a peek at in this post. Draws me in even if I had no idea what it was all about, and makes me wonder.

I'm 100% with you on the yoga resolution. I think yoga is starting in February for me, habit #2!


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