Gallery Route One opening

I had such a wonderful time at the gallery opening yesterday. I met a lot of wonderfully talented and supportive artists. It was such a great feeling to be surrounded by like-minded people as you know how incredibly isolating art making can be (but I honestly love that part of it). Here are some pictures of the evening.

Zoe highlighting Up and Out and Cutting Edge, 2010.
I brought my daughter, Zoe, along to share the experience with her. I remember many times attending my mom's art shows and music recitals when I was young.

Rene de Guzman, Senior Curator of the Oakland Museum, was the juror this year and Candice Loheed is the gallery owner.

And it was made perfect spending it with Zoe and her best friend, who have known each other since they were just days old. We had a wonderful dinner that night in Point Reyes Station, which is known for having some great food.

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jill said...

Glad you enjoyed your exhibition, it looks great


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