Artist : Lari Washburn

I first discovered Lari Washburn's work via Sophie Truong (thank you, Sophie!). I was instantly a fan. Lari lives on the Maine coast, which to me sounds so wonderfully isolated. She lives that life I crave outside of the insanity of urban living. And her art, well, just take a look, so wonderfully inspriring and charged with energy.

Lari Washburn

Lari Washburn, 2010
Lari's creative posts on her blog keep me coming back for more.

Lari Washburn
In addition to sharing her beautiful work and progress in the studio, there's a certain calmness to her outlook on life that is so wonderful to see.

Lari Washburn, 2010.
Her inspirations for her work is fascinating to see documented. I love this photo of how she organizes her scraps. It's a window into how she works.

Studio, Lari Washburn.
And now see how she transforms this into a collage.

Lari Washburn
Lately, like many of us, she's been furiously working away on filling up her moleskin for the Sketchbook Project, due in a few weeks. The sketches she's been sharing on her blog and flikr will definitely make me seek out her book when it's on tour in a few months.

The Sketchbook Project, Lari Washburn, 2010
Check out Lari's blog and flikr site to see lots and lots more of her beautiful work and some great images of her studio (who doesn't love a peek inside artist's studios). She was recently featured in an interview with Stephanie Levy of artists who blog. Keep up the amazing work in 2011, Lari. I have no doubt you will continue to inspire us all.


Kitty Kilian said...

She has a great blog! I love the collage-lay out..

Lari Washburn said...

Kathryn! Thank you so much for this very kind post. I feel newly fueled by your words. And coming from you, it is very high praise.

Sophie Truong said...

She's a bugger that Lari... I just spent a couple of days with her and she mentioned nothing about your post!
Well done, her work is so nice!


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