The languishing Artifcraft blog and my new project BlockLab Studio

Times change, projects change. And this blog has been neglected ... and it's moving! More on that in a few. This past year has been a doozy. I'm honestly glad it's over, too much illness and shake ups (literally too with the Napa earthquake)! However, I've done a lot of great things over the past year, mostly a lot of thinking, pondering and exploring. And it's finally all come together this past January. I have several big projects going on at once right now, all excellent!

Washington DC Foreclosure Quilt top, 2015 by Kathryn Clark.
My biggest piece is my latest foreclosure quilt of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington DC. It's definitely been the most challenging research and piecing I've ever dealt with. As charming as Pierre L'Enfant's angled streets may be, translating a scaled road plan to pieced fabric has been a nightmare. Let's just say I have mastered measuring and assembling angled quilt pieces.

Correlated Inhibition, 2014. 18" x 24" by Kathryn Clark
Next up was a piece I completed in December for a show at Rare Device in San Francisco entitled Dead of Winter. It was curated by my friend Tiffanie Turner and included some great work including beautiful pieces by my friend Sonya Philip. The piece addresses the chemical transfiguration that occurs within a plant's cell structure. I plan to make more of these soft sculptures this year. It sort of keeps my toes dipped in the fine art world and I love the freedom the medium brings me.

And finally, my biggest project has been the development of BlockLab Studio. I'm in the process of building a new website (and blog!) to house the whole idea. Head over to see what that's all about. I'll also be teaching workshops in conjunction throughout this year, including a quilt block design class at Arrowmont school of arts & crafts in Tennessee.

If you want to see what I'm up to these days, head over to my Instagram feed to see my process and check out my new blog for BlockLab Studio. My website is still going full swing with lots of updates on shows. And I'm still sending newsletters with the latest info. Email me at kathrynatkathrynclarkdotcom to be added to the newsletter list. It's been a long great ride on the blog and it's not over, it's just in a different place with a bit of a different direction!

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