Upcoming Exhibition : City Grid/Urban Patterns at SMINK Fine Art in Dallas

Two of my foreclosure quilts will be included in an upcoming exhibition at SMINK Fine Art in Dallas, Texas entitled City Grid/Urban Patterns. The exhibition opens Saturday, May 17th with a reception from 5-8 pm. The exhibit will run through August 2nd. Although I won't be at the opening, if you're near, I do hope you can stop by.

My Albuquerque and Riverside Foreclosure Quilts have been framed for the exhibition and from what I've seen of the photos, the shadowboxes look amazing. Curated by Jennifer Smink, it will be quite a beautiful show, with work by Dennis Ekstedt, Timothy HearsumDiane McGregor and Thel.

For more information, visit SMINK here.


Sophie Truong said...

Love those. Congratulations on the show

Carol Trice said...

I just saw your work at Smink in Dallas. As a fellow textile artist AND involved in the mortgage industry in Valuation, I deal with defaulted mortgages all day long. Your work is visually stunning and brings attention to how devastating this has been to areas of the country. I lived in FL during the real estate bust so experienced it first hand. Here in Texas, we live in a bubble and people do not understand how lucky this region has been. I really appreciate your spare aesthetic.

Kate said...

I would love to purchase one of these. Are these available for public sale? If so, please e-mail me kate[dot]allman[at]gmail[dot]com.

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