work table and a big thank you

I closed up the studio for the rest of 2012 on Friday. It feels weird to walk away from my studio for a week at a time, especially this week. I have a million projects flowing at the same time and I know that starting in January, things are going to be quite hectic. Here are a few shots of it as I walked through at the end of the week.

Planning new quilts and new pottery in 2013.

This past year has been an amazing one. So many friendships have flourished. My quilts traveled more than I did across the US. I took a giant leap of faith and jumped into a new series and a new medium. And you, readers, have been the most amazing of all. Being supportive, questioning ideas, and telling me your own stories. I love that the most about the internet. I can't believe how many wonderful friends I've made online and in person because of it. So a huge thank you to all of you.

I set up a separate sewing room this year. In the foreground is one of Doug Johnston's
imited edition bowls with a Skinny LaMinx tea towel covering my machine.

And now, next year. Yes, I love thinking ahead of the game. Do you have any big plans for next year? I'm busy this week developing long term plans. Something I do every five years or so. My problem is I have a hard time stepping away from particular series and seeing the broader picture. And then there's that pile of projects to tackle as soon as January hits.

Inspiration for the new pottery came from a list I made in 2010 when working on my Idiom series.

Writing this article for Handful of Salt about eating designer Marije Vogelzang reminded me to think beyond my comfort zone. Be sure to watch the video at the end of the article. It's worth every second. Is there an artist you look to for inspiration?

Sierra Leone floor installation underway.
Please share your goals, both short and long term, and let's help each other to keep them! I do hope you plan to push yourselves next year and really take some risks. That's what making art is all about, yes?


Stephanie said...

This blog, that periodically arrives on my doorstep, is a formidable poke in the side, reminding me that communicating the challenges of this particular life, is necessary, cathartic, visual, handsome, beautiful, colorful, and glorious. And I could definitely go on and get more articulate here, but I need to sit back and gather my strength for 2013. Thank you for all you do. And all that you share.

kathrynclark said...

Thank you so much, Stephanie, for the kind words! Here's to an amazingly creative 2013 for you!

blandina said...

You have been a discovery for me, through your blog I learned, admired, got inspired and generally took courage and faith in what I am doing.
Next year I hope to learn a few new techniques, to get more focused on my projects, in a word to make the way in which I communicate my feelings and my ideas more organic and...professional.
Happy creative and successful 2013!
And a big big thank you.

kathrynclark said...

Thanks so much, Blandina. And hearing your stories and learning about your work has been a wonderful addition to 2012 for me. Here's to 2013!


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