Artist : Sergej Jensen revisited

I shared Danish artist, Sergej Jensen's work with you back in 2011. Coincidentally, last week, Joey Piziali, yet again mentioned I check out his new work at Anton Kern Gallery in New York. Oh my.

Untitled, 2011. 102" x 82" by Sergej Jensen. Image courtesy Anton Kern Gallery
Sergej continues his investigation into canvas. Literally, I mean the canvas. It's so funny how it takes just a gesture to remind you that a stretched canvas is really a work of fiber art. New directions are still to be had in painting.

Untitled, 2011. 114 3/16" x 94 1/2" by Sergej Jensen. Image courtesy Anton Kern Gallery
Jensen's new work includes some paint but displayed in an unusual way that once again reinforces the fact that you are looking at textiles, not just a painting. He found he liked the backside of the painting because of the way the paint seeped through randomly, without his control. He celebrates the surprise result by stretching the canvas backwards onto the frame.

Bat Girl Uschi, 2011. 47 1/4" x 59 1/16" by Sergej Jensen. Image courtesy Anton Kern Gallery
He has some more painterly pieces as well and a bit of wit. I wish I knew the story behind this one. My daughter is going through a Garfield addiction, she loves this one. I'd also love to know why the dimensions given are soooo exact, down to the 16th.

Untitled, 2011. 65" x 859 1/16" by Sergej Jensen. Image courtesy Anton Kern Gallery
And there's a little video of his latest show at Anton Kern, actually a lengthy one, eight minutes long, but worth watching. This is a chance to see the scale of these pieces, they are quite large, and some of the details up close (I wish he would have paused for more than a second on some of the details). It's the closest thing to being at the opening. I wish I were there.

And after doing a little digging, I found there's a monograph available now. Uh oh, looks like I need to squeeze two more inches on my studio library shelves. That's going to be a challenge. See more of his work at Anton Kern Gallery here.


Sandra Robinson said...

A very interesting artist who is new to me, his work reminds me a little of Joan Snyder but with less paint. I love the way he has used those scrappy bits of fabric and I really like the painting that has been re-stretched so that the edges become part of the painting. Definitely an artist I would like to see more of, thanks for sharing.

Lari Washburn said...

Wow! Just look at your blog! It is so beautiful. How did you do it? I think mine needs a complete overhaul. I love that you are so committed to your blog and reaching out in this way as well as making your art. Thanks for all the inspiration you give me. I wish you and yours a wonderful new year full of joy and creating! XO

lisa s said...

yes yes ! love his work !!

sarajo frieden said...

Kathryn--I'm such a fan of your work and blog and i try to get to it as often as i can. All the best to you in the new year and thanks for your inspiration and great posts! I thought i had submitted a comment here but didn't see it so I'm hoping this time it works!

kathrynclark said...

Thanks everyone! Glad you like this post, love Jensen's work. Happy new year and happy creating to all of you!


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