Artist : Tracy Potts

Recently, I received a lovely email from artist Tracy Potts. I immediately recognized her name from following her on Flikr over the years, and always loving her art. It had been awhile since I had been on Flikr so I was blown away by the images of her new work that I'd somehow missed.

Something Told Me It Was Over, 2012.
Mixed media on canvas, 94 cm x 64 cm.
Tracy was so kind to tell me my work and the blog had inspired her. By seeing other people use craft in their work, she gained the confidence to jump in and explore the medium. She clearly nails it, don't you think? Yes ...

I Want to Be Your Everything, 2012.
Mixed media on canvas, 94 cm x 64 cm.

Her work is intensely personal and highly charged. I think it's that rare ability to incorporate craft with painting that works so well here.

74 Brilliant Suggestions, 2012.
Mixed media on canvas, 94 cm x 64 cm.
And also that subtle hint, just a hint, of representational that grounds the highly charged crochet, knitting and sewing that she overlays onto canvas.

The Soft Wall, 2012.
Mixed media on canvas, 94 cm x 64 cm.
Her email couldn't have come at a better time. You know how all of us artists go through those highs and lows in our work. I was at a dull thud that week, feeling a little helpless and wishing I could do more for artists to share their work. Thinking about reaching out more: curating, writing more articles, pushing craft further into the mainstream art world.

I Am Your Exotic Bird, 2012.
Mixed media on canvas, 147 cm x 128 cm.
Well, this work truly would fit into the gallery scene and it does. She is represented by a wonderful gallery in Australia, Anita Traverso Gallery, in Melbourne. Her work inspires me and I hope it does you too.


Christine said...

Simply fresh work here! Thank you for posting the pics of her work.

sarajo frieden said...

beautiful work! ANd let me take this moment to thank you for your inspiring blog and the work you do! Thanks so much Kathyrn!

Jennifer said...

Wow! Tracy has a wonderfully unique and fresh approach to crocheting. Makes me want to unearth my hooks and get to work. Thank you for introducing her to us.

Lari Washburn said...

How fabulous and unusual this work is! I have not seen this work before, and that's getting harder and harder isn't it? Because of Pinterest. Which is a good thing. I've been exposed to so many artists this year because of pinning! I hope you have a lovely holiday season dear Kathryn. You always inspire and refresh the artist in me!

cynthia newman said...

I love her work and will be checking out her website! Thanks for sharing...I can definately see why you two relate to each other! It's fun to see another artist with similar sensibilities! Have a nice holiday and thanks for all the interesting posts this year! I've spent WAY too much time on Instagram recently but really do look forward to reading your blog!

Velma Bolyard said...

glad to see this and read your words. this is exactly what excites me about making work that pushes boundaries, undefinable, really compelling. thanks.

Victoria said...

She nails it alright. This are just wonderful, as are you Kathryn. Please know that you always inspire me, enlighten me and enrich me by your own work and the work of others that you so generously share and promote.


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