100 Acts of Sewing by Sonya Philip

I've got a new article up over at Handful of Salt on Sonya Philip's 100 Acts of Sewing. She set out to sew 100 dresses in the span of one year. Hop over to read the reason why. It's a good one.

Dresses 75 and 91 by Sonya Philip.
I was able to meet Sonya and see the dresses in person last Friday. We had a lot in common, especially the fundamental inspiration behind our artwork. Her art addresses the crazy consumption trap we've all fallen into, although hers is around clothing and mine is around food. And those dresses were stunning. All of them beautifully crafted with care and feeling.

Dress 80 by Sonya Philip.
The best part about the meeting was talking about what's next, how does one transition to the next series? I walked away inspired in my own work as well as eager to sew more of my own clothes. Check out the article here and see Sonya's dresses here. And don't forget to check out her website showing her other artwork.


Judy Martin said...

I have been inspired to sew my own clothes again after a thirty year break because I was looking for patterns to make my daughter's wedding dress and found many that would be perfect for moi.

I went to Sonya's 100 dress web site and also read the article on handful of salt. Thank you for posting these.

Lari Washburn said...

I love Sonya's project! I especially like that she is encouraging people to sew and make something they will wear. I'm not there yet, but I stitched some pillow cases today, so I hop that counts.

kathrynclark said...

There are so many amazing patterns out there on the internet these days, Judy! I hope you make some! @ Lari, pillowcases are fantastic. I was just slipping one on my daughter's pillow that I made last year. I remember my husband being wowed by the fact that I made it. And the next step to sewing clothes is really easy, give it whirl!

Jesse Lu Bain said...

Thank you for sharing, Kathryn. And thanks for the link to your article and the links in that to the Slow Cloth article. Very cool.

I am totally getting lost in Philip's project. She's so rad, and these dresses are so rad, and they are totally getting me pumped for sewing again. I have 5 patterns that I have been sitting on for months. It's time to bite the bullet and dive in. This project is great inspiration.

Sonya Philip said...

It was great meeting you and reading not only the Handful of Salt article, but this too! (slow to catch up on my blog reading). I am thrilled with these comments! And yes, sew some pillowcases and before long - a garment!! I love how we can use the internet to encourage each other to sew and make a high/low dichotomy of both speed and technology.


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