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It's back to work in the studio this week. I've noticed around this time of year after reflecting on my work during open studios that I start looking for new ideas. I do this by remaining open to whatever I see and hear around me. In the midst of sewing the batting for a headboard for our bed I thought I'd throw on some of my foreclosure clippings that were sitting nearby.

The other day I asked my daughter to bring me something to read. I have a pile of unread books piled up by my bed and she brought me one that I started but put aside for some reason. Begin Again: A Biography of John Cage. This book certainly opens one's eyes to new ways of inspiration. Here's one of Cage's pieces for prepared piano.

I've had several ideas for a new series to work on concurrently with my foreclosure series. Bigger, more aggresive pieces and perhaps larger in scope. I'm not sure yet which one I'll go with but I spent some time playing around with ideas, making tools to experiment with the ideas. You have to start somewhere and I guess those nails Cage used in his experiments got me thinking about making a new loom.

And then after making my daughter's halloween costume (a shiny knit full body leotard I might add), I noticed the way the cut pattern pieces piled up with XL and L.

And that got me thinking about paper and mapping, which lead me to pull this book off the shelf.

I've heard others out in blogland saying they're inspired too these days for various reasons. You too?


Elizabeth said...

No, I don't feel to inspired although visiting all these maps might give me an overload. Thanks for mentioning it and have a great weekend.

Sweetpea said...

Yes, I'm in a state of new *smitten-ness* and so I really enjoyed reading this post, Kathryn, about your process of deduction (so to speak). That is a helpful idea, about the tools, because sometimes the tools lead us where THEY want to go and we figure it out by going along...don't you think?

Best creative wishes to you,

kitty kilian said...

Dear K, Gosh you are such a teaser, throwing these wonderful bits of photography and text at us yet never revealing all.. well done though! yes, bigger and more agressive is what I would like to see from you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an interesting book, and I can totally see how it would 'fit' with your work (and Christine M's, too.)
Your next direction, perhaps?

Really like your work-thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Curious about the loom you come up with..... intriguing!!!!! Love the headboard idea too.

lisa s said...

i JUST got that book and am loving it. we are kindred spirits i think. i'd love to meet sometime.... will try to email you.....

Lari Washburn said...

You are a dynamo! I've been tooooooo busy with too many things to be in the studio as much as i want...frustrating to say the least. But I guess life is that rich! Full body leotard knitting indeed!


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