Artist : Josh Faught

I keep coming back to the work of Josh Faught for inspiration. His work simply astounds me. It's complicated, messy, honest, real and pure emotion.

Triage, 2009 Josh Faught. hemp, nail polish, spray paint, indigo,
logwood, toilet paper, greeting cards, pins, books, plaster, yarn,
handmade wooden sign, denim and gloves. 80" x 120"
 I was first drawn to his techniques he uses in his work. They all look so labor intensive: indigo dyeing, crocheting, knitting, assembling among other techniques. And the materials, just look at what goes into his pieces. They make a statement in themselves.
How to Beat the High Cost of Living, 2009. Josh Faught. Handwoven cotton,
nail polish, toilet paper, silk flowers, indigo, sequins, and ink. 92" x 72".
 But then I paused to read the reviews about his work and it all came together even more.

Untitled, Josh Faught.
And talk about politics, he's got it in spades. He's not afraid to make a statement, reveal his fears and his anxieties as well as his confidence. His work takes risks. We need more of this!

Untitled, 2008. Josh Faught. Hemp, sequins, pin, garden trellis.

You Can't Live Scared, detail, 2007. Josh Faught. Crocheted hemp, pin, plaster,
spray paint, and super 8 film.

See more of his work at Lisa Cooley Gallery as well as read some incredible reviews on his work.


Jaime Rugh said...

Wow, these are stunning. Thanks for such a good find:). Hope all is well ! Xo

Connie Rose said...

Fantastic work! Good to see a guy working with so many "girly" materials!

Kitty Kilian said...

Where do you find all these artists that seem to be in sort of your niche?

Lari Washburn said...

Okay! I have to get in that studio now!!! Between your post here and Sophie's post I am itching to get my hands on something. Such a good community.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Dear Kathryn, it's very very inspiring!For me it looks like a bit of looseness in his work. I admire that...I also searched again your blog for Myrna Tatar..love that too!

Thanks for showing!

xx Ingrid

kikiclark said...

I'm so glad everyone enjoyed the post. Josh's work is inspiring! It made me feel the same way, Lari. Kitty, the best way to find work, hours and hours of digging online. I wish I had a magic answer!

Katrina said...

oh, i agree. i love, love his work. he has that fine balance of making something strange and simultaneously beautiful. my favorite combination. hooray for this post about his work.

anastasia said...

the texture in these works! very cool.
congrats on all of your success with the foreclosure series; hopefully it brings some much needed attention to the issue. have you done any research on the "new" suburban areas and the amount of foreclosure hitting them; all those gated communities with the monopoly houses? it would be interesting to see the similarities/contrasts with the more urban areas.

kikiclark said...

anastasia, good question! That is exactly where a lot of the foreclosures are concentrated. The new developments where they pushed shady loans to new homebuyers. There are so many levels to the madness!

angie said...

love Josh's work! I just stumbled upon your blog and am so happy for it. Thank you and all the best! *angie


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