San Francisco Open Studios

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for open studios this past weekend. Ruth Freeman and I shared a space with product designer EJ Tanu. Ruth has some great pictures of the weekend on her blog. The building was tagged over the weekend adding to the creative vibe going on inside. Here's EJ posing with the zombie and his awesome signage for the opening.

EJ Tanu by Ruth Freeman
It was wonderful to meet some of you in person as well as hang out with two other talented artists and 'talk shop' for two days. Much of the talk around my work was very political, of course. And just down the street, the Wall Street protests were happening at the same time.

Modesto Foreclosure Quilt, 2011.
It was incredible to watch peoples reaction to my work once they read the titles. Everyone was excited to share their own views on the issues at large. I had some great, charged conversations. Several people stayed for over an hour talking about politics with us. And the feedback was so helpful. Thank you for your support.


aracne said...

Your work is very inspiring, this Modesto Foreclosure Quilt for instance is an absolute and amazing beauty. I love all those regular little stitches and the white/red contrast.

Katrina said...

oh, good. congratulations. glad it was a productive weekend full of visitors and good conversation.

Victoria said...

How fabulous. I love that you produce work that is not only visually stimulating but also mentally. The fact that viewing it opened up important dialogues is powerful stuff. You rock!

Susan said...

You've got the red bug, too, I see. This is such a great series, and wonderful that people are so stimulated by this work to talk . We could use much more of that: talking to each other

Kitty Kilian said...

I am happy for you! Was it enough about art, too, not just politics?


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