Wrapping Traditions : Korean Textiles Now at The Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco

Wrapping Traditions : Korean Textiles Now opens tomorrow at MOCFA in my very own city! I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to attend the opening of this show. As you know, I have fallen head over heels with Korean Bojagi in the past year. Bojagi is a traditional Korean handmade cloth used in formal ceremonies and for daily activities as seen here by local San Francisco fiber artist Barbara Shapiro's beautiful handmade baskets and wrappings. I've shared a few emails with Barbara over the past few weeks and am excited to finally see her work in person.

Wrapping Memory Installation, 2010 by Barbara Shapiro.
Plaited indigo dyed cane baskets, indigo dyed gauze. 5 to 7 forms, wrapped and unwrapped.

This show, curated by none other than the bojagi master, Chunghie Lee, features some traditional versions of the cloth as well as contemporary takes on the subject.

Harmony by Eun-Ji Lee. Silk, natural dyeing, 25.6in x 21.7in

There are many contemporary Korean artists as well as artists from ten other countries that are inspired by this traditional folk art. It looks as if these pieces have taken this medium in a wonderful new direction. I can't wait to see Sung Soon Lee's piece below in person. It will remind me to have a little bit more patience in my sewing practice!

Seon, 2010-11 by Sung Soon Lee.
Printing and drawing on Ramie, patchwork, 216.5in x 22in
I can't wait to see how this piece was assembled, simply stunning.

Matrix 0909 by Yeon-Soon Chang.

Abaca fiber, indigo dye, machine sewn, 13.4in x 13.2in x 5.3in

The opening is Thursday, June 16th from 6-8 pm at The Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco. The show runs from June  17th through October 23rd. If you're in town, perhaps I'll see you there.


Claire said...

Wish I could see this exhibition. The Harmony piece is stunning.Thanks for posting about it.

Ludid said...

i've had the pleasure of seeing some beautiful korean textiles since my husband is korean. it would be so wonderful to see this exhibition. my favorite is the patchwork by sung soon lee

Kitty Kilian said...

Have fun, Kathryn!

Sophie Truong said...

aeurgh!!! i'm green with envy!! hopefully it will make it to the east coast (just heard hesse's studioworks are coming to Bos!). please do let us know how it is!


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