Artist : Louise Bourgeois and her Ode a l'oubli

I have been a devoted fan of Louise Bourgeois' work for several years. When she died last year, I was in the middle of reading a chapter about her in one of my books, very strange indeed. I had no idea, however, that she had made a book called Ode a L'oubli until I saw pictures of it at my friend, Sophie Truong's blog Stitch &Tickle. Ever since, it's on my radar to go and look at images online about every month for inspiration.

I'm even more entranced now after I learned a bit of history about the book and 'flipped' through the pages virtually.

I love how you can see her sewing on the back of the pages creating a highly charged relationship between the images on the adjacent pages. Fascinating.

But what really had me hooked was the labor and love that went into reproducing a series of these books. Lithographers turned crafters over the course of a year. I can only imagine how much they learned during this project. I want that job!

Tony Cenicola/The New York Times
Judith Solodkin, proprietor of the lithography studio Solo Impression, took on this project with a passion one rarely sees. Read the full article about the process of recreating the book here. And to see all of the pages, visit Peter Blum Gallery featuring the book in it's entirety.


JAIME RUGH said...

I love this book too. Her cloth work and drawings are my favorites of all the ways she worked. Do you have any of her books? The new fabric drawings one is on my wish list but I refer to an older drawing one of hers often.

Lari Washburn said...

Boy would I like to get my hands on that book! I love looking at her Insomnia Drawings too.

Sophie Truong said...

yumm! always a delight to look at them. thanks for the reference too! get ready, im getting the latest Fabric Works book in the next couple of days (it's in the mail) and i cant wait to see and share what's in there.. i think it's the catalog of a show that was in London last year.


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