The Inhabit Project : #5 "Floor" and "above/below & inside/out"

Vanessa Filley of Moira & Obbie and I have been busy lately with new Inhabit Project pieces. We took a month off to catch up on life and other work but we finally have #5 to share.

The Inhabit Project #5. Left: Floor by Kathryn Clark. Right: above/below & inside out by Vanessa Filley
My piece entitled Floor, on the left, is pretty obvious. The background is the layout of my floorboards in my studio made using two contrasting napkins cut and overlayed.

The Inhabit Project #5. Floor by Kathryn Clark, 2011.
The navy strips on top are literally what I pulled off the floor after piecing together the back of my latest Cleveland Foreclosure Quilt.

And Vanessa's piece, a  great study in the art of pleating:

The Inhabit Project #5. above/below & inside out by Vanessa Filley.

Vanessa's words about her piece "above/below & inside/out":
i look out at the world, an infinite horizon of information and possibility abounds. i seek to absorb what i can, distill the little bits flying through the stratosphere, tuck them away in my brain for a rainy day's application. here on the ground, at home, i make things in fits and spurts, struggle to find time to complete things, put them in order. this piece for me reflects that horizon and that which i wish to absorb, below is my mythically organized imaginings and creations reflecting what i have gathered.
And a lovely detail of Vanessa's piece shows her amazing attention to detail that always ties in beautifully with the well balanced overall design.
See all of Vanessa's previous Inhabit Project pieces here and mine here. To see all of our pieces together, read through our past blog postings about the project here.


Kitty Kilian said...

I like how you are mapping out everything now!

lisa s said...

what a great project !
i too, have known about your work for quite some time, but didn't know you had a blog ! so thank you for coming to mine and pointing me to yours !

Katrina said...

i love this collaboration. love that i've found your work through dear vanessa. and love to see your work side by side. i wish we could teleport her to the Bay for a very long day of tea and treats and sewing! a girl can dream.


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