work table : cape coral foreclosure boro and ?

Back from a stormy weekend in the wine country. Saturday night was so windy and stormy, I stayed awake just so I could get my storm fix since we rarely have weather like this in San Francisco. I was back at work today wrapping up a couple of projects, including the Cape Coral foreclosure boro.

It's finished! The Kindergarten quilt and framing all those pieces for the show took me away from this for the past month.

I'm still experimenting with materials and presentation but I like the moodiness that the dark blue linens brought to the piece. I'm leaving it loose and unfinished to emphasize the point of these neighborhoods falling into disrepair after the foreclosures spike.

And then there's this on my work table.

It might become the very beginning of a fun new project I'll be starting soon. More on this in a few weeks.


Siobhan Rogers said...

Wow! I love your work with Fabric

Kitty Kilian said...

Really Kathryn, you are putting in cliff hangers and teasers and whathaveyou.. blast.. I just want to see whole pieces from now on!

And then.. new projects? Already?

kathrynclark said...

Okay, Kitty! You're right! Next post will be a review of my finished pieces ... stay tuned!


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