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As most of you know, I am a true Japanophile. So hearing about the earthquake on Friday breaks my heart. What is reassuring to know is that the Japanese will get through this, their buildings have been built incredibly well, they are well prepared for situations like this and they form a tightly knit community and help each other in situations like this. I have tremendous respect for them.

"Through", by Miyoko Murata.

In addition to loving the Japanese aesthetic, my sister-in-law is Japanese so I feel a strong connection to Japan since we last visited the country for the wedding. We are looking forward to spending an expended period of time exploring Japan next year and introducing our daughter to their beautiful culture.
"Through", by Miyoko Murata.
These images are from the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival taken by Jennifer of Moving Hands blog who lives in Tokyo. I visit her flikr quilt show page often for inspiration, I hope you will as well.

"Through", by Miyoko Murata.


Kitty Kilian said...

Yes, the Japanese are used to earthquakes, but the amount of grief will be enormous nonetheless - so many lives and livelihoods lost!

Stephanie Forsyth said...

We were talking just this morning about the apparent difference in cuture while watching the news reports. You see them helping each other, and getting involved and just started to dig and and work through this. Despite what has happened the apparent level of calmness and grace with which they are handling themselves is something to be admired and emulated!

Beautiful post, thank you!

Victoria said...

My heart just aches.

Lari Washburn said...

Tender reminder of what gets us all through the difficult times...family, love, kindness, beauty

JAIME RUGH said...

i love this post-
so thoughtful and meaningful.

anastasia said...

when i visited japan last year, i felt as though i found my heart country. it's devastating that such a catastrophe has happened to this country; but, at the same time, i keep thinking, seeing the people work together, help each other, not erupting into violence, no looting, the selflessness of the hardest hit, that this horrible thing that has happened could not have happened to the best people able to overcome it. it's a strange thought, but it's a good thought. no matter the hard struggles japan will face, i would still go there given the chance, and be happier for it. i hope this makes sense.


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